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My Injuries

What kinds of Injuries will I Have?

Almost invariably, in an automobile accident, you will experience what is commonly called “whiplash” but is better known in the medical industry as Soft-Tissue Sprain and Strain. This is the most common type of injury. Prescribed treatment for Soft-Tissue Sprain and Strain usually involves chiropractic care and/or physical therapy for several months.

Whether your injuries are simply Soft-Tissue or something more serious, like a torn tendon, broken bone, or laceration, you need to make sure that you are addressing them properly and promptly. You need to seek doctors who will treat you on a third-party basis and not charge you up-front. You need to address whether or not, and at what point, your health insurance should be involved (there are pros and cons). On top of all this, you need to coordinate the payment of your bills when it is time to settle at the end of the process. Timing is everything and there are numerous pitfalls along the way to getting the proper treatment and getting it paid for.

Contact an attorney early on in the process.

Otherwise you could start down a road that will damage your ability to recover, both physically and financially.