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How To Hire an Accident Lawyer

How To Hire an Accident Lawyer

Why Hire an Accident Lawyer?

Many people choose to hire an accident lawyer after they’ve been involved in a car crash that results in personal injury and monetary losses. Point of fact, anyone can file a personal injury claim against an insurance company all by yourself. There are people that choose to take this course of action when they have suffered only mild or less-severe injuries and they have the time to research the legal claims process themselves. Also, by representing themselves and choose not to hire an attorney they will save you some money in legal fees.

However, by hiring an accident lawyer – especially a personal injury lawyer – you will have the experience and knowledge that is required to handle the team of lawyers that are sure to represent auto insurance companies. By hiring a personal injury lawyer you will have someone on your side that knows the personal injury laws in your state, the procedural rules of your state and have the knowledge to effectively handle all the legal work on your behalf. You can count on your hired attorney to act as your advocate throughout the entire case. If you are thinking of representing yourself please keep in mind that insurance company’s lawyers have the experience and knowledge to one thing: reduce and deny your claim. By hiring a personal injury lawyer you have a better chance to get compensation if you have suffered severe injuries and are facing expensive medical bills and have experienced a significant loss of wages due to those injuries.

Reasons to Contact an Accident Lawyer

You should consider hiring an accident lawyer if any of the following situations apply to you:

Auto Accident Injuries

Severe Injuries

In most cases, the severity of your personal injuries is measured by the following:

  • Type of injury/injuries you have sustained
  • Length of time it takes (or will take) for you to recover
  • Cost of your medical bills and other therapeutic procedures you have incurred. This also can include the estimated cost of future medical procedures.

Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries

In most cases, a long-term injury is one that will last for at least a year or longer, a permanent injury is one that disables you for life. Not only will these injuries affect your ability to work but they will also affect your quality of life.

When it comes to proving your injuries and possible disabilities you are not talking about an easy task. Your personal injury attorney will consult with all of your medical professionals and investigate any and all aspects of your medical claims. He or she may even request the presence of your medical professionals during any legal proceedings.

Disputed Liability

Put simply, disputed liability means that the insurance company disagrees with you on the point of who is at fault or who is responsible concerning your accident. In other words, the company is basically saying that the policyholder is not at fault (or is at least claiming you don’t have enough proof of fault) and, therefore, the insurance company is not responsible for paying for your damages. Hiring an accident will help you provide the proof necessary to show that the other party was at fault.

Refusal to Pay

Refusal to pay or refuse to pay a fair amount is when an insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement offer or any offer at all.

How To Hire a Personal Lawyer

There are several factors that you should consider before you hire a lawyer. The statute of limitations (that can differ by state) for instance, it is important to hire a lawyer that will get your claim process moving quickly and efficiently, however, please don’t just hire the first lawyer that you find on Google or see on a billboard.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful when hiring an attorney:

Personal Injury Focus

accident lawyerJust as there are mechanics and doctors that specialize in different aspects of engine repair or medicine there is a wide range of lawyers that specialize in different areas of the law. When researching your lawyer make sure he or she specializes in the type of law that pertains to your accident or needs. Do you not want an accident lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accidents to represent you in a trucking accident right? Do your research and hire the right attorney for the job.

Car Accident Experience

Once again you want to make sure that your lawyer has the experience and knowledge in the area that fits your needs. Some may specialize in slip and fall accidents and others on work-related accidents. Ask questions and follow up on the answers you get from the attorneys you are interviewing. Do your research and make sure that you are talking to the right specialist for the job and that he or she has a history of representing clients in the same circumstances as yourself.


Nothing seems to spread the reputation of a person or professional than word of mouth. Ask your friends and family what they think or have heard of an attorney. Don’t count on costly advertisements that you may see on television to make your decision, due to the fact that someone can paint themselves in whatever light they choose.

Dedication to You and Your Case

This is an important question. How much time does your accident lawyer actually have for you? Take a look at the lawyer’s current caseload. It is not impossible for a lawyer to handle multiple cases in court at one time, however, you may want to make a different decision if the time of said lawyer will be spread over multiple clients, and each client may not get the full attention that is necessary for their case. Also, you will want to pay attention to how your attorney handles your case and treats you on a personal level. Obviously, you are not going to spend hours on the phone each and every day, but ask yourself a couple questions. Does your lawyer update you regularly? Does your lawyer make himself/herself available to answer your questions and address your concerns? Does your lawyer return your E-mails and phone calls in a timely fashion?

Comfort Level

Finally, decide what your comfort level is with your lawyer. Do you feel comfortable about the fees that he or she is charging you? Do you feel comfortable personally with him or her? Remember that you are going to share intimate information with this person, so you must feel that you can trust them and that they are capable of putting you at ease.

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