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Car Rental

Car Rental

This is always a big hassle after an accident. Some insurance companies are quick to get you a rental, and some will insist on performing an “investigation” to determine if they are responsible for doing this. In the meantime, you are stuck without a vehicle.

Sometimes it will be necessary to allow your own insurance to cover the cost of the rental while the at-fault driver’s insurance drags their feet in accepting liability. Some rental agencies will require you to put your own credit card on file so they can charge you if the insurance does not pay. Some insurance companies will set and enforce strict limits on your rental time. It is important to know what to do if any of these become issues.

After an accident, you will still need to get around on a daily basis. Not every car dealership is going to rent you a car without requiring you to pay something out of pocket. Call 855-55-WRECK so that we can help you find a car rental facility that will rent you a car on a Third-party basis. 

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