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AutoBody Shops

AutoBody Shops 

Not every body shop is the same. Some shops know how to deal with a third-party accident claim, while others do not. States differ in how they deal with these issues, but usually the at-fault driver’s insurance cannot dictate where you take your vehicle to get it repaired, though they may try to do so.

It is very important that you monitor the communication between the autobody shop and the insurance company. There are also important considerations involved with this step of the process such as the use of used/refurbished parts. Depending on the state, it may be that insurance companies are allowed to require used or refurbished parts to make the repairs.

Other important considerations include whose insurance will pay, and how to deal with deductibles.

Finding professional and knowledgeable autobody shops that are not beholden to the insurance company is imperative. Let 1-855-55-WRECK help you locate someone in your area to fix your vehicle that does not take their marching orders from the insurance company.

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