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Accident Checklist


An auto accident can literally turn your life upside down.  After you or a loved one has been involved in an accident there are necessary steps and information that you must take in order to fully cover yourself. Below you will find IWasInaWreck’s Auto Accident Checklist – Which is comprehensive but not exhaustive of most, but not all, of the things you will successfully navigate your about accident claim. 

Auto Accident Checklist

–Call Police to report collision.

-Make sure your detailed statement is taken by police and
verify the accuracy.

-If your statement isn’t taken at the scene, contact the
investigating agency and provide one asap.

-Exchange Insurance Information.

-Take pictures of damages to your vehicle, other party’s
vehicle and of the scene.

-Take pictures of any visible injuries.

-Get contact information for any witnesses.

-Seek medical treatment.

-Ask physician about work restrictions.

-If follow up treatment is recommended, schedule appointment.

-Notify employer of accident if you have work restrictions
and if missing any days of work.

-Call at-fault party’s insurance and report claim.

-Schedule inspection of vehicle through insurance company.

-Schedule inspection of vehicle through independent source.

-Schedule rental car.

-Provide comparable evaluations of vehicle value for
diminished value claim.

-Do not sign anything – including medical authorization- from
insurance company.

-Ask your insurance for a copy of your Declaration Page.

-Attend all scheduled follow up appointments until released.

-Discuss with physician need for future treatment and what
that would cost.

-Verify the accuracy of the balances of medical liens and
other medical related bills.

-Notify medical providers of third party insurance.

-Notify your health insurance of third party insurance.

-File subrogation claim with your health insurance.

-If you have Medicare, obtain copy of Conditional Payment

-If you have Medicaid, obtain ledger of claims paid.

-Submit Letter of Protection to stall collection efforts.

-Evaluate your total damages.

-Submit demand to insurance adjuster.

-Once offer is received, as for it in writing and for a

-Negotiate Settlement.

-If you have Medicare, submit Final Settlement Details and
request Final Demand Letter.

-Obtain Final Demand Letter for drafting instructions.